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Providing Unique Experiences, Exceptional Service and Unforgettable Travel Memories

At Hop On Hop Off Holland, we offer a variety of tours to authentic destinations throughout Holland, Belgium and France. We are proud to be the leading market organiser of tours to world-renowned locations such as the tulip garden Keukenhof, windmill village Zaanse Schans, the stunning Dutch flower parades, thrilling city trips to Antwerp, Bruges, Bruxelles and Paris.

With over two decades of experience in the tourism market, we utilise our extensive knowledge to develop high-quality tours that allow you to discover the beauty of these incredible places in style. Our luxury coaches come fully equipped with comfortable seats, ample legroom, air conditioning, audio systems, free WiFi and power supply for your electronic devices.

Our team is brimming with creativity and professionalism, focusing on delivering an unforgettable travel experience that leaves you with lasting memories.

Our mission

“To provide unique experiences,  exceptional service, and unforgettable travel moments, allowing our customers to discover the beauty of Holland’s countryside and cityscapes on their terms.”

Our vision

“To become the leading force in Holland’s travel industry by delivering unique touring opportunities and enabling people to fully immerse themselves in our culture, history and beauty.”

Our unique selling points

We believe that there is more to Holland than just Amsterdam. Our focus is on the Dutch countryside, arranging special experiences that become the highest-rated tours. We provide flexibility in travel arrangements and guarantee seats in our buses.

Our products

We offer a diverse array of tours including countryside tours of the Netherlands such as Keukenhof and the Bollenstreek. We also organise city trips to Brussels, Antwerp, Paris and Bruges. Additionally, we provide a selection of canal cruises in Amsterdam, ranging from the famous Amstel river to the city’s unique canals.


At Hop On Hop Off Holland, we’re committed to sustainable practices. We are proud to announce that our boats operate using 100% electric power, decreasing harmful emissions and contributing to cleaner air and a healthier environment.

Our coaches are fitted with the cleanest engines currently available, and we continuously invest in new technologies that consume less fuel and emit fewer harmful substances. By 2024, we plan to make a giant leap in our sustainability efforts by becoming the first company to operate electric buses.

We believe strongly in recycling and aim to recycle and reuse of our materials to reduce waste. We are gradually reducing our reliance on paper by digitising our processes and communication. We are also committed to operating in a way that minimises inconvenience to our environment, local community and other stakeholders.

At Hop On Hop Off Holland, we embed sustainability in all of our operations. We continue to innovate and invest in green technologies to minimise our environmental footprint. We believe that sustainability is beneficial not only to the environment, but also our customers, employees and society at large.

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