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Embark on a captivating journey through Amsterdam’s historic waterways with our diverse selection of Amsterdam Cruises. From the enchanting canals beneath the city’s twinkling lights to the vast expanse of its bustling harbour and serene Amstel River, our cruises offer unique perspectives of the capital’s iconic landmarks and hidden gems. Whether you’re soaking up the sights from the panoramic deck or relaxing inside the luxurious cabin, each cruise promises an unforgettable exploration of Amsterdam’s rich maritime heritage, contemporary architecture, and vibrant waterside life.

Available Cruises

Embark on Unforgettable Journeys with Our Top-Rated Cruises

Amsterdam LOOKOUT + Amsterdam Canal Cruise

Book your ticket to A’dam Lookout + Canal Cruise to get the best view of Amsterdam

75 minutes Canal Cruise – Highlights of Amsterdam

Embark on a charming 75-minute canal cruise through the heart of Amsterdam aboard a 100% electric boat.

Open Boat Luxury Cruise from Central Station

Embark on an exquisite 60-minute luxury cruise through Amsterdam’s historic waterway

Boat Cruise on Amsterdam River Amstel

Set sail on an unforgettable journey down the Amstel with Amsterdam Boat Cruises

Amsterdam Skyline Cruise on Panorama Deck Boat

Embark on a breathtaking journey with the Amsterdam Skyline Cruise offered by Amsterdam Boat Cruises

Amsterdam Light Festival Canal Cruise

Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of the Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam Harbour Cruise on Panorama Deck Boat

Embark on an insightful 2-hour Amsterdam Harbour Cruise

Windmill Cruise in the Lake District Kagerplassen

1-hour journey through the picturesque Kagerplassen Lake District with Rederij van Hulst’s Windmill Cruise

Available Cruises

Embark on Unforgettable Journeys with Our Top-Rated Cruises

Navigate Amsterdam: Experience Waterborne Wonders

Our Amsterdam Cruises invite you to discover the soul of the city through its historic canals, imposing harbour, and the tranquil Amstel River. Experience the beauty, history, and modern vibrancy of Amsterdam from the unique vantage point of its waters.

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Exclusive Narrated Journeys with Warm Hospitality

Each of our Amsterdam Cruises is not only enriched by expert or enthusiastic skipper commentary offering deep dives into the city’s lore but also features a friendly host to welcome you aboard. This combination of engaging narratives and warm hospitality ensures an informative and inviting atmosphere for all our guests.

Eco-Friendly Comfort with Onboard Amenities

Glide through the waters of Amsterdam on 100% electric, comfortable boats, designed for minimal environmental impact without sacrificing the enjoyment of the voyage. Onboard, relish the option to purchase drinks, allowing guests to unwind with a beverage in hand as the city’s vistas unfold from the panorama deck or the cozy cabin.

Versatile Cruise Experiences with Added Luxuries

Our wide range of cruise offerings, from the enchanting Amsterdam Light Festival Cruise to the serene Amstel River Cruise and the majestic Skyline Cruise, cater to diverse tastes and interests. Each journey is accentuated by the presence of a welcoming host and the opportunity to enhance your experience with optional drinks available for purchase, making every cruise a blend of exploration, hospitality, and leisure.

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