Dutch countryside tours from Amsterdam

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Discover the heart and soul of the Netherlands with our Dutch Countryside Tours, taking you through picturesque landscapes, historic windmills, and charming villages. Experience the tranquil beauty of the countryside, including the vibrant Keukenhof and traditional cheesefarms, on these meticulously crafted day trips. From the idyllic village of Giethoorn, known as the Venice of the North, to the iconic windmills of Zaanse Schans, immerse yourself in the authentic Dutch way of life. Each tour offers unique experiences, combining natural beauty with cultural insights and hands-on activities.

Available Dutch countryside tours from Amsterdam

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Day Trip to Giethoorn, Authentic Boat Cruise and Walking Tour

Escape the city’s hustle and embark on a magical journey to Giethoorn, renowned as the “Venice of the North”

Half Day Trip to Zaanse Schans Windmills and Walking Tour

Step back in time with our half-day tour to Zaanse Schans that showcases the Netherlands rich historical cultural…

Day Trip to Summer Flowers: Keukenhof, Flower Farm, and Windmills

Discover the floral wonders of Holland on our Day Trip to the Summer Flowers

Day Trip to Dutch Countryside, Windmills and Cheesefarm

Embark on a captivating journey through the essence of Holland on our exclusive daytrip from Amsterdam

Available Dutch countryside tours from Amsterdam

Embark on Unforgettable Journeys with Our Top-Rated Bus Tours

Embrace Tradition: The Ultimate Dutch Countryside Experience

Our collection of Dutch Countryside Tours invites you to step into a world where traditional culture meets breathtaking natural landscapes. Designed to offer an immersive exploration, these tours highlight the serene beauty and rich history of the Netherlands outside its bustling cities.
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Authentic Cultural Encounters

Connect with the timeless traditions of the Dutch countryside. From witnessing the craft of cheesemaking on a local farm to exploring the historic windmills that have shaped the landscape, our tours offer a deep dive into the living heritage of the Netherlands.

Natural Wonders Unveiled during a dutch countryside tour

Experience the mesmerizing beauty of Dutch nature, from the lush flower fields around Keukenhof to the serene waterways of Giethoorn. Our tours are scheduled to capture the countryside at its most vibrant, providing endless opportunities for photography and leisurely exploration.

Expertly Curated Itineraries

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having all details taken care of. Our countryside tours from amsterdam feature experienced guides, comfortable transportation, and thoughtfully planned stops, ensuring you have a memorable and stress-free exploration of the Dutch countryside’s most scenic spots.

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