Day Trip to Build-up of the Flower Parade and Keukenhof


Experience the vibrant heart of Dutch spring in a Day Trip to the Flower Parade build-up and Keukenhof on April 19, 2024. Dive into the behind-the-scenes world of the Bloemencorso Bollenstreek, witnessing firsthand the meticulous craft of adorning floats with a tapestry of hyacinths, daffodils, and tulips. You even get the chance to contribute to the creation of these floral masterpieces. Next, be captivated by the splendor of Keukenhof Gardens, where the spectacle of millions of blooming flowers awaits. With flexible departure times from Keukenhof back to Amsterdam every 30 minutes until 6:30 PM, enjoy the gardens at your leisure. This exclusive day trip offers an intimate look at the preparation of one of the Netherlands’ most iconic parades, followed by leisurely exploration of the world-renowned Keukenhof Gardens.

What you'll see

Departure location: This is Holland, Overhoeksplein, Amsterdam.
Return location: Same as departure location.
Tour duration: Flexible, last return bus at 18:30.
Departure time: Various times on April 19, 2024.
Tour type: Keukenhof tours


Begin your journey into the Dutch spring season at This is Holland, where a comfortable coach awaits to whisk you away to the site of the Flower Parade build-up on April 19, 2024. Here, immerse in the festive atmospheres as volunteers engage in the delicate task of flower arrangement, piecing together floats that will soon mesmerize onlookers. This hands-on experience not only allows you to observe but also participate in crafting these floral spectacles. After reveling in the creative process, the tour continues to the Keukenhof Gardens. Step into a world where color blooms in every corner, with the garden’s meticulous design showcasing flowers in all their glory. Wander through themed exhibits, water features, and art installations at your own pace, knowing that a comfortable ride back to Amsterdam is readily available until the late afternoon. This day trip combines the excitement of the Flower Parade’s preparations with the serene beauty of Keukenhof, catering to both cultural enthusiasts and lovers of natural beauty. Engage with Dutch floral heritage in a way like never before on this unforgettable spring outing.
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Secure your exclusive spot on our Day Trip to the Build-up of the Flower Parade and Keukenhof for an unparalleled peek into Dutch floriculture and parade preparations on April 19, 2024. Witness the enchanting transformation of flowers into moving art and bask in the beauty of Keukenhof Gardens at your leisure. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity for an immersive spring experience; book your journey today for a seamless blend of activity and relaxation amidst the Netherlands’ blooming wonders.

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